For visitors

While you are staying on the island, please remember that you are a guest and should keep in mind the following:

*the beach dunes are very vulnerable, so please do not drive to the beach by car. In addition, you can get stuck in the sand;

*the bird breeding season is from 1 April to 15 July and we ask you not to disturb the birds on the islets and beaches;

*clean forest areas are a natural resource of Kihnu Island, so please do not leave rubbish behind and always take it to the nearest litter bin;

*Kihnu is a small island and every piece of it belongs to someone, so it is forbidden to pitch a tent outside the designated places;

*the sea holly is a very rare and endangered species, so it is strictly forbidden to take any away with you;

*Kihnu forests are flammable, so only build a fire in the designated places;

*the locals are peace-loving people, so be polite and do not go to their gardens, meadows, or fields without asking first;

*boats and fishing equipment are vital tools for the local men, so please do not touch them;

*animals rule the beach pastures – you can admire them for afar, but do not disturb them.

In addition, we offer a wealth of exciting activities in Kihnu!

Various tours

Bicycle rental

Rent of the sauna and fireplace room