The Island of Kihnu

A mixture of the familiar and exotic, isolated by the sea, yet hospitable – it is an island where traditional clothing and the unique handicrafts of our grandmothers are still upheld. The fact that the old traditions and customs have largely been preserved is the reason the Kihnu cultural space was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List

Kihnu is the largest island in the Gulf of Riga (the seventh largest island in Estonia), with an area of 16.4 square kilometres. The island is 7 kilometres long and up to 3.3 kilometres wide, the highest point is 8.5 metres above sea level. The biggest attraction is the island itself – its nature, people, and atmosphere.

The ferry Kihnu Virve runs between Munalaid and Kihnu. Tickets can be purchased on the website of AS Kihnu Veeteed. The Munalaiu harbour is located in Tõstamaa rural municipality, 40 km from Pärnu, and you can also reach it by bus. To see the bus schedule, enter Pärnu as the departure stop and Munalaiu as the destination stop on the Tpilet website. It is always wise to purchase a ticket in advance if you plan to go the island.

On the island, be sure to visit the Kihnu museum where you can find interesting facts about the history of Kihnu, a collection of paintings by the famous Kihnu native Jaan Oad, and an exhibition about Captain Kihnu Jõnn.

The Kihnu school, new community centre and new Kihnu rural municipality government are located next to the museum. The Apostolic Orthodox Church and cemetery are nearby.

The winding coastline and lighthouse at the southern tip of the island, islets with a vast bird population, and boulders are also worth seeing.

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