1-day tour

You are welcomed at the harbour by a cheerful tour guide wearing traditional Kihnu clothing. The exotic tour of the island of Kihnu starts with a trip in the back of a truck where you will learn about the life and traditions of the island. You will then enjoy a cup of coffee and freshly baked Kihnu pastries in the Kurase Centre. There you can also visit the local grocery store and handicraft shop located in the yard. In addition to the museum and church, you can also visit the freshly renovated lighthouse located at the southern tip of the island. Delight in a delicious fish-based lunch, including homemade bread and a knot-shaped bun in the open-air diner by the sea. In addition, you can book a folklore concert by the musical group Kihnumualt and enjoy songs, dances and fun stories by local women.

Summer days by the sea

Summer is here! It's time to shut down your computer and take a break from work. There is no better place to go on holiday than somewhere that is close to home, yet has a totally different environment. Come and spend unforgettable summer days on Kihnu Island.

You have camping huts, tent sites by the sea with barbecue equipment and bonfire sites, a volleyball court, a sauna and fireplace room, a shared kitchen and a beach hall for evening festivities at your disposal.

In addition, we can offer guided tours, transport, bicycles and catering.

Feel free to ask for more information and we will help you plan everything!

Class excursions

A long school year is over and all the hustle and bustle is behind you – now is the perfect time to take a break with your classmates and welcome summer! We will put together an agenda for you based on when you arrive at and leave the island, but you will also have time to look around on your own.

We offer both 1-day and 2-day excursions with accommodation in a camping hut or tent.

Leisure facilities include ball games, swimming, sunbathing, and bonfire nights.

You can find more information about the packages in our price list

In addition, we offer a wealth of exciting activities in Kihnu!

Various tours

Bicycle rental

Rent of the sauna and fireplace room