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AS KIHNURAND is the oldest and largest tourism company in Kihnu. Over the years, other companies such as the ferry company AS Kihnu Veeteed and SA Kihnu Kultuuriruum focused on preserving the Kihnu culture developed from this. Our smallest and newest sister company is OÜ Merebutiik, which sells local handicrafts and marine souvenirs in the Kurase Centre in the summer season.

Our company was established on September 30, 1991. This means we have been providing a variety of tourism, trade, and catering services to our customers for over 25 years.

In 1992, we started providing excursions, offering fish-based lunches and organising camping. Over the years, we have set up camping huts, a sauna and fireplace room, and a communal kitchen between the junipers on the beach.

In 1993, we purchased the Kurase farm located in the heart of Kihnu where we opened a store that operates the whole year round. Kurase café, the place where the best summer dance parties are held, is open in the summer season.

In 2000, a store was opened in Rootsiküla. The store closed in September 2012.

Island visitors can choose from among a variety of services that have been compiled into several packages for their convenience. Check out our excursions here

We strive to offer our guests memorable experiences and a relaxing holiday in Kihnu, an island with a vivid cultural background and breathtaking natural environment.

Teet Koger
Phone: +372 55 45 634

Liina Palu
Tourism manager
Phone: +372 52 55 172

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