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Bicycle rental


Kihnu is a small island, so in order to explore it, the best equipment is a bicycle. You can enjoy the peace and quiet riding along the tiny roads in the forests and reach short distances faster than by foot. If you don't have your own bicycle or you don't want to bring it along then you can rent it from us!

AS Kihnurand bicycle rental offers you a variety from 50 different bicycles. 
You can choose between Merida Tour 1, Merida Kalahari 510 (SX) and Merida Turbo.

There is 24 Merida Tour 1 bicycles, which divide equally between bikes for men and women. They come in 19'' and 21'' frames and have one speed.

There is 21 Merida Kalahari bicycles. From which five are 14,5'' frame youth bikes and 16 for adults with frames ranging from 18''-22''. Five of the adult bikes are equipped with shock absorber. All the Kalahari bikes have 21 speeds. 

For tiny riders we offer 5 Merida Turbo bicycles that have 5 speeds.

We also offer child seats for the bikes and safety helmets for both adults and children. 

Our bicycle rental 100m from the harbour +372 52 73 752

Our bicycle rental at Linaküla campsite +372 526 90 12

From September to June all info and booking at: +372 52 55 172